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Eco Nepal Trekking-Nepal Eco Trek 2022/2023.

We are not only organizing trekking in the  Himalayas. We also promote Nepal Eco Trek trips maintaining ecology and green tourism, creating awareness to local people. Through our Eco Nepal Trekking, we also promote local products, foods and cultures. Our Nepal Eco Trek offers a real local life and cultural experience of Nepal. We are a professional and responsible, Eco Trek company in Nepal. We take a great care of our nature and local culture. Being the best Eco trek agency in Nepal, we proud of our nature and culture. We cater Eco Nepal Trek trips to Kathmandu, Panchase, Pikey Peak, Tamang Heritage Trail, Gurung Heritage trail, and Chepang Village. For booking, email us at, call or message on whatsApp at +977 9851023742.

Our eco treks in alpine and low altitude zone are guided by the most uplifting, experienced guides and they are against animal exploitation.Know more about everything in a clear and fun way if you would like to do in a real eco trekking experience. We do take a different trekking trail and offer a genuine completely ecological experience to our customers that goes together and support the natural environment rather than harming it. We choose area quite far from the mainstream trekking path.

Our company Mission Eco Trek is self sustained based on customers trust, word of mouth and positive feedback. We want to stay away from the highly commercialized business path that is followed and focus on a small scale but at the same time completely genuine trekking experience that will stay in your memory for a lifetime.

We believe in a small and trustworthy business focus on customers feedback rather than a profit machine. During our eco treks tour we visit and we integrate in a friendly and non intrusive way with the amazing simple but yet amazing everyday life and habits of the villagers and also spend the night with them and their friendly hospitality. Follow along the rice fields and mountains and learn how the farmers are making their living, their habits and their simple but undeniable cultural wealth of a way of life completely different from the city lifestyles.