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Nepal Trek-Trekking in Nepal 2021/22/23/24/25

Nepal is home to some of the most spectacular treks in the world. Nepal Trek is the best way to understand Nepal and its culture. You can trek in Nepal year round, but most trekkers come to Nepal for trekking in fall and spring. There are hundreds of trekking routes in Nepal including 1 day to a long-distance Great Himalayan trek. Ranging from Everest to Annapurna Dolpo to Mustang, Makalu to Kanchenjung, Dhaulagiri to Manaslu and Langtang to Ganesh Himal Trek. Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp are two of the most famous treks in Nepal. Trekking is the most popular activity in Nepal and travelers will be on the streets of Kathmandu and the trekking hub, Pokhara especially in Autumn and Spring. Mission Eco Trek is an experienced, reliable & service oriented trekking agency in Nepal, specializing for trekking, cultural tour to  Tibet, Bhutan, Mount Kailash and Nepal hiking. We offer trek itinerary, cost & departure dates of Nepal Trek 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025.

Nepal Trekking is one of the most gratifying experiences you can have as it tests your endurance, faith, resolve, spirit and strength. It is a great escape from the city life. The breathtaking views from the mountaintop, staying under the stars, the fresh air of the hills, the stark skies - the experience is sure to last a lifetime. Nepal is a trekker's paradise because it affords gorgeous views, challenging yet rewarding climbs and a host of like-minded adventurers to give you great company.

Most treks in Nepal are not technical, however the difficulty can vary according to factors like physical fitness, pack weight, weather conditions and your experience. There will still be a long days of walking resulting in aching muscles and sore feet, however the good thing is that most treks are paced to give you adequate time for both rest and acclimatisation. You just need to choose the right treks in Nepal that suits your fitness level, and train adequately before you trek in Nepal

Group trekking in Nepal are also a great option for travellers looking to link up with other hikers, and if you really want to up the comfort level on a solo trek, consider hiring a guide and a porter to assist you. Your guide will take care of everything from safety and logistics to food, accommodation and transport, and your porter will carry all your heavy gear for you

You will also gain the benefits of travelling with people who know the local culture and customs which is ideal if you’re a little nervous about tackling the adventure on your own while trekking in Nepal. For this we are always here for your kind help. Mission Eco Trek and Expedition is the best trekking company, an private and group trekking operator from Kathmandu to Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

Everyone knows Nepal for one thing, Mt Everest. However, with eight of the top ten highest mountains in the world and a landscape that is dotted with unique cultural and natural details. There is a lot more to Nepal than the Everest. To see the best of Nepal , a trekking adventure recommeds to all. Nepal is known as "the roof of the world" and you’ll see why when you arrive. Mountains dominate the landscape, encapsulating villages and teahouses you will stop at along the way of trekking in Nepal.

There are two main season of the year for trekking in Nepal like October to November and March to April. The weather can also be great between November and March with clear and sunny conditions, but as the days get shorter it gets colder. So, trekking at Christmas works well with far fewer people on the trails, but make sure you’ve got the right  gear.

October, November and December are Nepal’s peak and best time to go trekking in Nepal. The monsoon rains have cleared the sky of dust and the views are often spectacular. December,January and February are cold months, but the skies are as clear but it can get very cold. Treking in Nepal in winter does not recommend for those new to trekking and also for those who want a leisurely trek. 

February,March and April are the end of the dry season and the second best time of year to go trekking in Nepal. Visibility in the mountains can be hazy if there is a lot of dust in the air. May and June are Nepal’s hot season, and it can get very warm indeed. Mountain views are now obscured by haze from the dust. June and September are Monsoon season and the least popular time to go trekking in Nepal.

Try to keep the weight of your equipment to a minimum. You will need to take hiking boots, walking trousers, warm base layers, a fleece jumper or jacket, a warm down jacket and good waterproof top and bottoms. A warm hat, a sun hat, sun cream, travel towel, head torch and a 30-litre daypack should also be on your packing list. Sleeping bags should be rated to -15C, as there’s often no heating in trekking lodge bedrooms. Trekking poles are also a good idea even if you don’t have bad knees.

It is important that you follow some simple rules in order to acclimatise successfully. It is important to gain height slowly and prioritise proper hydration when trekking in Nepal at altitude. It is nice to take in around five litres of fluid each day. 

Teahouse trekking is a popular option for a lot of people wanting to trek in Nepal. Teahouses are basically small mountain lodges that are frequently spaced along the popular trails. They’re great places to eat a home-cooked meal, get a good night’s sleep and, of course, meet other like-minded travellers.

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